How to grow yourself and your training company during COVID-19 lock-down

How to grow yourself and your training company during COVID-19 lock-down

I watched the sunrise this morning to another beautiful day whilst my darling daxi (Sammy) and Jack Russel (Candy) snored peacefully on my lap.  I pondered deeply on what positive suggestions I could give anxious training providers during the South African 21 day lock-down and what actions everyone can take during this period.   I have […]

Learner Recruitment

Learner Recruitment

Skills Development Providers (SDPs) often erroneously combine Learner Recruitment and Learner Enrolment into the same process generally due to four common mistakes: Rushing to recruit learners in a short period of time. Not marketing sufficiently which leads to not attracting a lot of learners whom your training would be perfect for. Not specifying the location […]

The Heart of Mentoring

the heart of mentoring

In our ‘Work Integrated Learning’ blog post we unpacked Work Integrated Learning (or WIL as it is often referred to as) in order to signify the purpose and importance of this process. We briefly touched upon the objectives of your workplace mentors and in this edition, we would like to validate that your workplace mentors […]

Put on your perspectacles

Put on your perspectacles

Following on from our previous blogs, this week we would like you to put your “perspectacles” on so we can engage with you, as a Skills Development Provider (SDP) on how you can choose a different outcome.  It’s easy to get locked into a certain way of thinking especially when it comes to Accreditation and […]

Who’s Who?

who's who

We have previously spoken about roles and responsibilities within your companies and in this edition, we will provide you with a no-nonsense guide to easily confused role players within your training industries. At the top of the pyramid we have SAQA (South African Qualifications Authority). SAQA is a body recognized by the law with the […]

The Power of Success Lies within your Administrator

The Power of Success Lies within your Administrator

An administrator is defined as a person responsible for carrying out the administration of a business or organisation. Often as a Skills Development Provider (SDP), your administrators’ role requires a considerable amount of multitasking – as let’s be honest, they need to complete lots of tasks in not a lot of time. Over the years […]

Everything Starts with A Dream

everything starts with a dream

Your dreams are your realities in waiting and right now, you are planting the seeds of your future. Daily we receive enquiries from dreamers who are not only solely inspired to become Accredited SDPs (Skills Development Providers) but who also have a priceless passion to pass on their skills and knowledge through training that is […]

Work Integrated Learning

work integrated learning

At jt&a, one of our core skills is that we help you get better. Getting accredited is the first step but we’d hate to see you stop there. There is so much more to learn to really leverage what you’ve achieved. We have identified over the years that Work Integrated Learning (WIL) is one of […]

The Woes of Learner Enrolment

learner enrolment

Very often we hear from SDPs (Skills Development Providers) during the Assessment Phase of the 4 Phases of Training (Learner Enrolment, Facilitation, Assessment and Certification) that stress levels are high, they are frustrated, they have incurred additional expenses and they are behind on their Training Plan deadlines. The Learner Enrolment Phase of Training is predominantly […]