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SETAs many options!


South Africa contrary to what the pessimists will have you believe, is alive with possibilities!  There are many options available which open the door of opportunity for anyone daring enough to equip themselves and then get going!


Preparing this piece was more difficult than I anticipated, simply due to mammoth task of having to select just four SETAs out of more than twenty; collectively they offer a hundred plus courses!  I decided to choose four SETAs based on what I believe is quintessential in South Africa today; they harness our natural resources and offer a solution to provide jobs.

I’ll kick things off with the Services SETA; this diverse SETA is composed of various chambers of industries.  The Chambers of the Services SETA comprises seventy (70) Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) codes that are clustered into sixteen (16) sub-sectors, which are further grouped into the following six (6) Chambers:

  1. Cleaning and Hiring Services,
  2. Communication and Marketing Services,
  3. Labour and Collective Services,
  4. Management and Business Services,
  5. Personal Care Services, and
  6. Real Estate and Related Services.

Listing the services as I’ve done above simply spells ‘opportunity’ in my mind!

A SETA that is vital for our country’s future is the AGRI SETA; Agriculture and Nature Conservation not only assure us of future food resources but also safeguards the protection of our national treasure – wildlife!  This SETA covers programmes such as Animal and Plant Production, Poultry Production and Processing, Rooibos Production and Processing and many more.

Speaking of national treasures, the tourism and hospitality industry is expected to contribute more than R499-billion to the South African GDP by 2020 (   It’s no wonder that CATHSETA is so highly regarded!  Within the Tourism, Hospitality and Sport Economic Sector, many avenues of fortuity exist:

  • Conservation & Guiding

*  Travel

*  Hospitality

*  Tourism

*  Gaming

*  Sport, Recreation & Fitness

  • Cultural
  • Heritage; Performing & Visual Arts


I could not possibly write a piece about opportunity without making mention of the MINING AND MINERALS SETA.  Mining as we’re all aware is currently experiencing challenges and production is down from its peak; South Africa is still however the world’s fifth largest gold producer and remains a cornucopia of mineral riches.  Essentially, we are still the largest producer of chrome, manganese, platinum, vanadium and vermiculite.  With this being said; to continue developing individuals in the following industries is paramount for our future economic growth:

*  Diamond Design and Evaluation

*  Electrical Engineering

*  Mineral processing

*  Mining operations

  • To mention a few….

I hope today’s piece is as convincing to you as it is to me that, not only is South Africa a land of great opportunity but that with the sheer number of education options available coupled with the extensive population number seeking employment, creating a well-oiled economic ‘machine’ is possible!



Our goal is to see you succeed!



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