passion to empower

A Passion to Empower

We are passionate about capacity building Training Providers to reach their maximum potential, and over time we’ve noticed how much time, energy and money you spend in order to achieve your SETA Accreditation.

Your frustration is thankfully replaced, after some time, by elation.  Thereafter however, some are not clear on what to do next…

JTandA have come up with 7 Powerful Workshops to reinforce our mission to never lose focus of our passion to empower training providers to perform at their best by providing them with the necessary knowledge and skills to attain and retain their accreditation.

We have designed our Workshops to lend a helping hand to you, whether you’re interested in becoming a SETA Accredited Training Provider, passing through your SETA Accreditation Process or you’re Accredited already.

Interested?… Please feel free to reach out to us on 087 150 1554


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