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The 4 Phases of Training

“With knowledge, one can fly! Do it right the first time and life is stress free” – Jeanine Topping.

Over time we’ve noticed that we have a lot of incredible training providers whom we have assisted by successfully securing their Seta Accreditation; however, the full Seta Accreditation cycle can be quite overwhelming and understandably some operational requirements do fall between the cracks.

JTandA Seta Accreditation Specialists hosted our very first 4 Phases of Training Workshop at our new offices on Friday 1st September 2017. While our providers indulged in a strong cappuccino, we unpacked the 4 Phases of Training cycle:
1. Learner Enrolment
2. Facilitation
3. Assessment
4. Certification

The fundamental aspect to note is that our providers that attended our Workshop are at opposite ends of the Accreditation process which initiated some pretty interesting topics of discussion.

Mabhala Business and Labour Consulting (Pty) Ltd are already Accredited with Services Seta and are preparing for their very first Service Seta Verification Visit to exit their first group of learners. This is what Bukani Mngoma (CEO) had to say:
“Very useful particularly coming at the time that my learners are approaching exit and will be entertaining a visit from Seta”.

Smart HR Solutions CC are awaiting their Service Seta Accreditation Report and are using this time to prepare to enrol learners. This is what Kogie Govender (Owner) had to say:
“The expertise and professionalism was strongly evident in the quality of the session”.

Interested in attending our 4 Phases of Training Workshop? See what other workshops we have on offer… reach out to Lindsay on 087 150 1554 or contact us today.

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