Assessment 101


A simple Google search of the word ‘assessment’ presents a definition that reads, “the action of assessing someone or something”. Words similar to ‘assessment’ include evaluation, judgement and appraisal. As Accredited Skills Development Providers (SDPs) your intention is to ensure that all learners entering your learning programmes do so with the purpose of graduating successfully; […]

The Art of Facilitation

the art of facilitation

How many times have you experienced an engaging training session? You know, the kind where you couldn’t wait to return to the office to share your experience, the kind where you developed skills and knowledge because your facilitator was captivating? This week we decided to unpack the art of facilitation largely on account that the […]

SETA Monitoring Visits

seta monitoring visit

With the end of the year fast approaching, the time has come to clean out the closet, put stuff in order and get ready for the New Year. As a Skills Development Provider (SDP), you may have already received communique from your SETA (Sector Education and Training Authority) regarding requesting an extension on your SETA […]