The Battle of the Portfolio of Evidence

The Battle of the Portfolio of Evidence

In order for a learner to be deemed competent as part of Accredited Training, the learner submits a Portfolio of Evidence (PoE) to prove they are capable and competent in the Specific Outcomes (SOs) as outlined in each Unit Standard.

A Portfolio of Evidence (PoE) is a powerful collection of evidence (direct, indirect and historical) displayed in a user-friendly manner that is presented to the assessor to be evaluated in order to ensure that the learner has the ability, knowledge and skills to do something successfully.

In accordance with SAQA requirements, evidence presented in a Learner Portfolio of Evidence must be:

  • Valid (relating to the outcomes of each Unit Standard)
  • Current (as recent as possible)
  • Sufficient (enough evidence to make an accurate judgement to competency)
  • Authentic (conducted by the learner him/herself, in a real-life work environment, or acceptably simulated environment).

All too often, feedback from our Skills Development Providers (SDPs) is that they experience delays in receiving Portfolios of Evidence from their learners and this has a considerable impact on them completing the 4 Phases of Training (Learner Enrolment, Facilitation, Assessment and Certification).

As Skills Development Providers (SDPs) are you checking the following before submitting your Learner Portfolio of Evidence to your assessor:

  • Have you explained what is expected of the learner as part of the Portfolio building process during Learner Induction?

Many Skills Development Providers (SDPs) are not implementing Learner Induction to “reduce time”. In essence, by not implementing a proper Learner Induction, we are causing delays during Assessment Phase on account that Learners weren’t fully aware on how to complete their Portfolio of Evidence (POE) or did not complete according to your requirements.

  • Have you checked that the Learner Portfolio of Evidence is completed fully?

It is quite frustrating when we hear that assessors have returned Portfolio of Evidences to Learners for missing signatures or knowledge questions that have not been answered. These common things that result in a delay in the assessment process.

  • Have your learners signed the ‘Learner Declarations’?

Learners are required to sign declaring that all evidence contained in their Portfolio of Evidence (POE) was compiled by themselves and is a true reflection of their competence.

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