Partnerships between Training Providers, Assessors and Moderators

In order for a Training Provider’s objective to come full circle and the training goal to be achieved, a few key partnerships are necessary. The pillars of partnership between Training Provider, Assessor and Moderator cannot be emphasized enough. At JTandA we not only recognise the importance of these partnerships but also the value of solid […]

Something’s on the horizon that will grow your business!

Twenty Seventeen has thus far been a good year at JTandA!  Many exciting new Training Providers have rolled up their sleeves to make a difference in the field of training whilst we have been exploring new ideas to elevate the Training Provider community to new heights! Over the years in our new democracy, skills development […]

Marketing workshop to help you succeed!

It’s been an exciting year with many new Training Providers being awarded their accreditation! Growth in training means growth in learnership which stimulates the job market and the economy! Your success is very important to us; extensive research among first year Training Providers indicates that despite many achieving their accreditation, they are not using their […]