Partnerships between Training Providers, Assessors and Moderators

In order for a Training Provider’s objective to come full circle and the training goal to be achieved, a few key partnerships are necessary. The pillars of partnership between Training Provider, Assessor and Moderator cannot be emphasized enough. At JTandA we not only recognise the importance of these partnerships but also the value of solid relationships between these partners.

For this reason, we are encouraging all Assessors and Moderators to register with us in order to be linked to our Training Providers for the SETA accreditation process.

Ultimately, we want to encourage Training Providers to develop good relationships with ETD (Education, Training and Development) practitioners as they offer so much more than just assessing and moderating. The benefit of their assistance in facilitation and engaging with learners ensures an overall holistic approach to the four phases of training (watch this space for our next workshop) – they are most definitely the key to success in the Training field.

As a side note; Training Providers utilising documents prepared by Assessors and Moderators pay a linkage fee for these services; should you wish to join our Assessor and Moderator database, please complete this quick three question survey.

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JTandA, building rock solid partnerships matters to us!

Something’s on the horizon that will grow your business!

Twenty Seventeen has thus far been a good year at JTandA!  Many exciting new Training Providers have rolled up their sleeves to make a difference in the field of training whilst we have been exploring new ideas to elevate the Training Provider community to new heights!

Over the years in our new democracy, skills development has been identified as one of the most essential aspects of growing our economy and uplifting the workforce.  At JTandA, our objective has and will always be to promote the training industry which we believe to be essential in developing South Africans.  This being said; we’re in the starting blocks with a new product that will revolutionise the training industry and assist in the change we all strive for!

So if you’re a quality training organisation, an industry services provider, assessor, moderator or material developer who is serious about your business – keep your eyes and ears on us – we’re about to reform your business!!!

JTandA, your business is our business interest – keep your heads up; within the next ten days we’ll be making an exciting announcement!!!

Marketing workshop to help you succeed!

It’s been an exciting year with many new Training Providers being awarded their accreditation! Growth in training means growth in learnership which stimulates the job market and the economy!

Your success is very important to us; extensive research among first year Training Providers indicates that despite many achieving their accreditation, they are not using their accreditation and are not training.

Reason being is that they simply don’t know where to start finding learners to train.

Do the answers to any of these questions apply to you?

  • I have been accredited but I am not training.
  • I know how to train, I want to train but I don’t have anyone to train.
  • I am training but wish I had more learners.
  • I wish I knew how to market my business.
  • I have big dreams but don’t know where to begin.

If any of these questions left you nodding your head, your challenge might be a limited marketing ability.  We want you to be successful and implement your QMS criteria; come and let us help you!

We have sourced a sales and marketing specialist that has helped us and we want to share her successful recipe of marketing with you!

A marketing workshop has been arranged for June which will assist you in putting simple easy to follow steps in place in order to get you into the driving seat of making your business a success. Beginning with the end in mind, BIG will teach you skills and offer solutions to help you to start training learners.

If you are serious about your business and upskilling your marketing ability you cannot afford not to book!

This offer is limited to 30 Training Providers.

The details are as follows:

  • Date: Tuesday 27 June 2017
  • Time: 09h00 – 11h00

Please note, if you do not show up and you have booked we will need to invoice you for expenses incurred.

JTandA, we’re here to help you your accreditation a business success.

It matters that your dreams take off!