More training colleges needed: ANC

According to the ruling party’s Naledi Pandor, the NEC for Education and Health in an article on News 24 on the 14th of May 2017; focus on opening training colleges for budding farmers, nurses and teachers is desperately needed. We couldn’t agree more, the bright future we all hope to leave the younger generation lies […]

Open for business

So your accreditation has been awarded and you’ve finally unlocked your oyster to the business world! You busy yourself finding and securing accredited facilities, the ink has dried on your approved training material and your assessors and moderators are waiting in the wings. It’s all happening! But, hang on, something is missing. Despite your door […]

Taking your business to new heights

We’re constantly looking for new ways of raising the service level bar; this largely encompasses new operations within our business which have a knock-on effect to assist our clients in taking their businesses to new heights. Accreditation runs in our veins, it’s the lifeblood of JTandA. For this reason, we work tirelessly at evolving the […]