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Earlier this month, we informed our clients of the legislation change where every Private Training Provider is required by law to be registered with the DHET by the 30th June 2017. This is an uncomplicated but, time intensive process and thus many clients have expressed a desire to understand the process more thoroughly in order to ensure that they comply.

Therefore, the Association for Skills Development in South Africa (ASDSA) (representing Skills Development Practitioners and Administrators, Facilitators, Assessors, Moderators, HR & BBBEE Consultants and Training Providers) are holding a DHET Application Process seminar on Friday 7th April 2017.

The seminar is to be presented by yours truly, Jeanine Topping of JTandA; I will be covering the *DHET Application Process* and *Important Skills Development updates* in order to guide you through this critical area of change.

The seminar takes place at the Westville Country Club (1 Link Road, Westville) from 08h00 to 10h30; breakfast will be served and the morning is imperative for Training Providers who have not yet submitted their DHET application.

See below for directions:,30.9231049,17z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m5!3m4!1s0x1ef700415437ea0b:0x7873410d32a8fa7!8m2!3d-29.8397845!4d30.9252936?hl=en

A Continental Breakfast will be served at a cost of R125 (Members) and R155 (Non Members).

Please click on the link below and make your booking and payment for our event via Quicket


JTandA, we’re here to help you register with the DHET and keep your business compliant!

The Winning Formula!

Over the years I’ve encountered very few people who salivate at the thought of admin. Let’s be honest, there are a million things we’d all prefer to be obliged to do before we sink our teeth into time consuming administrative tasks.

One of the most notable admin clients I’ve ever worked along alongside has been a local company; let’s call them Night Shadow. From the very beginning in June 2015 Night Shadow were given the run around and struggled with the frustration of SETAs paper trails. Two years on, with a unique groove, and we have a rock solid relationship, even with the paper trails that SETA requires!

They showed incredible patience and resolve, their sanity was tested many times when their SETA application experienced never-ending delays coupled with frustrating changes in the SETA processes. Eventually, their accreditation was granted on 19 April 2016 – this would easily have resulted in the most amenable client pushing back!

Following processes and procedures was not something Night Shadow expected to have to do; like many successful businesses, they wanted to fast track steps… so, you can imagine life was a little unpleasant for us all at times. Once accredited however, they recognized the value of having a professional SETA specialist take care of their business and maintain their accreditation – I’d be understating it to say that Lindsay was speechless when they opted for a monthly retainer! It was a decision that none of us saw coming!

Less than one year later however and we have an incredible relationship with Night Shadow and Lindsay loves working alongside them! They have adapted to the high volumes of admin required with maintaining accreditation; it did require us pulling them through the bottleneck at the beginning though as they weren’t following the processes but at the end of the day they have successfully been awarded learnerships! Furthermore, they have embraced learning the QMS, are pedantic abut their paperwork and, are the first to contact Lindsay to ensure monthly meetings are regular and effective!

Incredible isn’t it?! Their success and efficiency is owed to the steady support system of our Monthly Retainer; you never fall behind, you’re always on top of admin and, you keep that hard-earned accreditation!

Contact us or call 087 150 1554 to find out how your life can be made easier with SETA! We’re here to keep you accredited!

DHET Registration

You might have heard murmurings in January of possible legislation changes involving Private Training Providers and the Department of Higher Education and Training (DHET).   There were utterances, however nothing was conclusive of exactly what it all entailed and how it would impact you, our client, the Training Provider.

Now that the legislation has been changed and we’re ‘in the know’, we’d like to inform you that every Private Training Provider is required by law to be registered with the DHET.  This is an uncomplicated but, time intensive process – don’t panic however, we understand all the ins-and-outs and are here ready to walk you through and assist you in complying.

The application is available on our website as a courtesy for you to download.  Once completed, you’ll be required to submit the application to the DHET (details are on our website) together with a fee of R500 payable to DHET – not to JTandA.

This sounds straightforward which it is, you will then however (here comes the time intensive part) need to put some legwork in and attach the following annexures:

Annexure 1 – Audited Annual Financial Statements
Annexure 2 – Three Year Financial Forecast
Annexure 3 – Business Plan
Annexure 4 – Surety Agreement
Annexure 5 – Sworn declaration on contributing to fidelity guarantee fund
Annexure 6 – Company registration documents issued by CIPRO
Annexure 7 – Occupational health and safety compliance audit report
Annexure 8 – Business registration certificate
Annexure 9 – Tax clearance certificate issued by SARS
Annexure 10 –  Sworn declaration on application for accreditation.
Annexure 11 – Sworn declaration on institutional capacity.
Annexure 12 – Sworn declaration on monitoring and evaluation
Annexure 13 – Accreditation report issued to the DoE by Umalusi
Annexure 14 – Student prospectus, calendar or brochure
Annexure 15 – Enrolment forms.
Annexure 16 – Sworn declaration on non-discrimination
Annexure 17 – Undertaking on equality of qualifications

Yes, it is a lot of legwork, Lindsay however is up to speed and ready to walk you through it and assist you in getting it done. Contact us or call 087 150 1554 to set up an appointment (there is a minimal consultation fee) where she can facilitate the process and support you through it.

Update: the original deadline for this registration had been extended to 30th November 2018.

JTandA, we’re here to help you remain compliant with the DHET!

Click here to download the DHET application form

Services SETA Bursaries now available

Who doesn’t like the idea of growing their career by investing in their learning?! And, who doesn’t like some financial assistance at the same time! The Services Sector Education and Training Authority (SETA) is a public organisation, formed to encourage skill development in the services sectors by way of grants, bursaries, training and learnerships.

Learners whether employed or unemployed who have successfully completed Services SETA Learnerships at NQF level 5 and above who are eager to further their studies at Higher Education Institutions are invited to submit their bursary applications now!

The Bursaries offered apply to Services SETA in the following fields of study:

  • All qualifications in the services sector;
  • Scarce and critical skills in other sectors;
  • Artisanal qualifications in any field or trade.

Please note: Important requirements for qualification:

Are you?

  • An applicant who is currently registered with a South African higher education institution (TVET Colleges, Public Universities and Universities of Technology)
  • Application should be for 2017 academic year
  • An applicant who is a South African citizen, with a valid identity document.
  • An applicant who is not a recipient of other sources of funding.
  • Preference may be given to:
    • People with disabilities
    • Previously disadvantaged Individuals
    • Scarce and Critical Skills
    • Students studying at a public institution

Application process

There are a limited number of bursaries for 2017 Academic Year only.

The closing date for applications is 17 March 2017, go to for more information.

JTandA, we’re here to help you grow your business’ future!

The knowledge is power – tomorrow’s event!

JTandA highly recommend all training providers join ASDSA in order to keep up to date with important industry news and how it affects your business! Please make time to attend this vital workshop tomorrow 3 March – more below…

The Association for Skills Development South Africa (ASDSA) is the professional body that provides professionalism, support and is a collective voice for skills development practitioners including facilitators, assessors, moderators and training providers from all sectors of the economy. Not only does ASDSA support our industry, but they also assist and provide knowledge and information that is required by members in order to fulfill their corporate socio-economic and community responsibilities, all while upholding a code of conduct.

It is in your best interests to become affiliated and registrar to become a ASDSA member in order to keep your business at the forefront of important industry news, changes, and opportunities.

ASDSA have an informative event tomorrow 3 March from 8:00 – 10.30am at the Westville Country Club in Durban for their members were they will be imparting easy WSP / ATR Tips and offering useful advice. Your business will benefit from time invested in this valuable topic, please contact them to arrange attendance and your membership – you’ll be grateful we flagged this!

See more:

JTandA, we’re here to help you grow your business and keep you accredited!