JTandA – Going places!

Our Christmas special has been well received and the opportunity to give 2017 a good shot has been snapped up by many clients!

The buzz in the air led us into a conversation with Duduzile Danisa from Vision Accomplished who recently took up our Christmas special offer. It was interesting to hear what she’s planning for the new year and how she’s putting the ‘Prior preparation prevents poor performance’ policy into place.

From the outset, it was clear that Duduzile sees her new Services SETA Accreditation package as a fabulous opportunity to get 2017 started on the right foot without being on the back foot financially. Once accredited, she plans to begin applying for educational grants and learnerships and to start making a difference by training others. By this time next year, Duduzile’s goal is to be a recognised SETA accredited training provider in order to make inroads into her five year business goal.

It’s encouraging to us when our clients are so enthusiastic about their future and to know that we’re able to help them along the way.

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Our goal is to see you achieve yours!

Lend Us Your Ear!

Star Factory training came to us needing to gain accreditation.  Despite their trepidation over the intensity of the paperwork required for accreditation, they kept their focus firmly on their business goals and tenaciously chipped away at what was needed to achieve what they had set out for.

We caught up with Des Cross Star Factory’s Training Coordinator and his team earlier this week to gain insight into their experience in gaining their accreditation through us.

JTandA: In a nutshell, how have you found the accreditation process?

Des:  Initially we struggled with the admin side of learnerships, but once we had been trained the work became so much easier and we stopped viewing all the admin required as burdensome.

JTandA:  Besides achieving your accreditation, what else has been of value?

Des:  You have taught us the value of using efficient processes and systems that comply with the Services SETA which has made our jobs so much easier.   Introducing us to the QMS (Quality Management System) review with its new system and hyperlinks in a spread sheet has made accessing documents electronically a breeze.  Using proven systems has made a major difference in our day to day efficiency.

JTandA:  Have you found any value in having had a ‘running mate’ in the process?

Des:  Lindsay, has been phenomenal in keeping us motivated and acting as a buffer between the SETA and ourselves, she’s a star.  THANK YOU LINDSAY!

Reshika:  (Skills Development Facilitator) I feel our interactive monthly session with JTandA provides us with confidence when using our accreditation and, keeps us on track ensuring that we maintain good business practice.  The processes required by the SETAs are long and rather complicated; having JTandA  to hold our hand clears the way forward.  I especially value JTandA’s  ‘Dummy’s Guide on how to use accreditation’; the learning has been invaluable!

Candice: (Accreditation Administrator)  I had no prior experience in gaining or maintaining SETA Accreditation; thankfully, our monthly retainer affords us a monthly meeting offering personalised support and expertise.  Through these meetings I  have gained knowledge and confidence and now feel comfortable in my role. I grasped the accreditation process with ease because of the clear systems and the upfront expectation communicated by Lindsay and her team.  Having Lindsay double check our work has eliminated unnecessary time being wasted having to correct errors – the whole process is a wonderful!

And there you have it!  Our goal is to see you partner with us and succeed, make 2017 count – claim our Christmas gift to you today – time is running out and we only have a few offers left!