Get Ahead Online!

I have a friend who once saw a project management course online which she found very appealing and felt it would be of benefit. She paid for the course and received the material only to discover that the contents of the course were not suited to the industry she was hoping to make use of […]

We’re On The Search!

At JTandA, we believe in walking our talk.  Inasmuch as we’re always encouraging our clients to create opportunity, we try where we can to do the same.  So, WE are now on the search – to offer opportunity to material developers! As one of SA’s premium SETA Accreditation specialists across all 21 SETAs and QCTO, […]

Fund your SETA Accreditation

By Using Your Clients Supplier Development Grants 2-hour informative workshop for all Training Providers in KZN. We are aware that one of the major stumbling blocks of obtaining SETA Accreditation assistance is raising the finance for this process. Most of our clients try obtain this funding through DTI, SEDA or other Government organisations with little […]

The Accreditation Minefield

If you were to have to navigate yourself across a minefield, would you opt to chance it alone or would you choose to follow a big set of size thirteen boots across the forsaken land?  It sounds like a given but in fact, trainers often opt to chance the minefield – in our case, the […]

Tooth and Nail

In the past three months we’ve used statements such as ‘our goal is to see you succeed’, ‘through thick and thin – JTandA will get you SETA accredited’ and ‘we’re here to keep you ahead of the pack!’ They’re prescribed marketing jargon aren’t they? I think a reader’s eyes often simply glaze over these empty […]