Get Ahead Online!

I have a friend who once saw a project management course online which she found very appealing and felt it would be of benefit. She paid for the course and received the material only to discover that the contents of the course were not suited to the industry she was hoping to make use of it in. Unfortunately for her, a refund was out of the question and it had to be written off as ‘school fees’ for her inexperience in online purchasing. It’s really very easy to make this mistake, especially when purchasing online education courses.

Purchasing courses via our online store not only assures you of a hassle free SETA ready course with immediate access, but most importantly, we have a track record of it’s relevancy to particular industries with other clients having previously completed them. With this experience on-hand, we offer you a helping hand to ensure you purchase online courses that are right for you.

We do this by outlining each package as follows:

  • Curriculum Outline
  • Learner Guides per module
  • Facilitator Guides including Model Answers per module
  • Portfolio of Evidence including Learner Workbooks per module
  • Assessment Guide including Model Answers and Alignment Strategy per module
  • Moderator Guides per module
  • Summative Test including Model Answers per module
  • SETA Alignment document

It’s imperative that the SETA Alignment document accompanies courses. This document is needed in order to complete the SETA Online Application form and offers you a FREE Internal Moderators Report by a constituent Moderator.

We have numerous SETA accredited courses available online. A few of the more popular include; Business Administration Services, Business Practice, New Venture Creation (additional course is offered for SMME) and Generic Management. We strongly recommend that you visit our online store in order to familiarise yourself with the entire curriculum of the course you’re interested in prior to making your payment to ensure purchase of the correct material.

At JTandA we strive to see our initiatives though to a successful end – a new beginning really! To give each client the best shot at success, we have a few carefully thought out plans in place.
The first is #Get educated and accredited – here you purchase your course material via our online store and once you’ve completed it, we assist you in making your education count by getting you SETA accredited.
The second is #Get educated, accredited and maintained – we not only assist with your education and accreditation but most importantly, we ensure that you remain SETA accredited. This option opens up so many possibilities from sharing ideas with referred other like-minded individuals to tapping into the knowledge of our experienced staff – association always seems to lead to new opportunities. Our goal is to see you succeed!

We’re On The Search!

At JTandA, we believe in walking our talk.  Inasmuch as we’re always encouraging our clients to create opportunity, we try where we can to do the same.  So, WE are now on the search – to offer opportunity to material developers!

As one of SA’s premium SETA Accreditation specialists across all 21 SETAs and QCTO, we are required from time to time to source SAQA Aligned Training Material Packs which are SETA compliant for our clients.  We project manage the process of the training material submission from our supplier to the client and, due to an increased demand for material, we are on the search for material developer suppliers throughout South Africa!

You may be a specialist in this field currently; to assist you in benching whether you qualify, we have designed a document to clarify the role.  In a nutshell (specific details are in our website); we’re on the hunt for SETA READY training material; according to SETAs requirements (not ours)!

The pack should comprise of:
1. Curriculum Outlines / Learner Induction Guides / Programme Overview
A document for either the client to use for marketing or for the learner to receive before training
And more – see our website

2. Alignment Matrix
The backbone of the Providers Accreditation – if incorrect other documents will not be considered by the Internal Moderators and SETAs
And more – see our website.

3. Notional Hour Matrix
Separated into the number of hours spent in the classroom / workplace / assessment
And more – see our website.

4. Facilitator Guides
A total overview of what is expected of the facilitator, no guess work should be exercised
And more – see our website.

5. Learner Guides
Front Pages – should all have the Unit Standard ID and Title showing Credits
And more – see our website.

6. Learner Portfolio of Evidence
Background information and details viz. how the PoE will be assessed, how to prepare a PoE, Appeals Procedure, PoE Requirements, Assessment Requirements (copy of the assessment alignment strategy), ​record of additional questions and responses
And more – see our website.

7. Final Integrated Summative Assessment
That which the learner completes once they have qualified or completed a skills programme that is Unit Standard based.
And more – see our website.

Our Vision is to capacity build training providers during and after the accreditation process.  Because we strive to assist our clients in achieving their accreditation with minimum stress levels and due to the nature of any SETA association, a strict criteria will be followed in selecting our suppliers according to our Supplier Policy.

We invite interested potential suppliers to visit our website for the specific requirements  should you be interested in forming a business relationship with us.  Our goal is to see you partner with us and succeed!

Fund your SETA Accreditation

By Using Your Clients Supplier Development Grants

2-hour informative workshop for all Training Providers in KZN.

We are aware that one of the major stumbling blocks of obtaining SETA Accreditation assistance is raising the finance for this process. Most of our clients try obtain this funding through DTI, SEDA or other Government organisations with little success. What we propose is to use the target set in the amended BBBEE Codes to encourage our training providers to approach their clients who they want to train for, to pay for the training providers accreditation.

What will be discussed:

  • Qualifying criteria to be a Supplier Development beneficiary
  • Exactly what is Supplier Development Grants under the
    amended BBBEE Codes
  • How to approach your clients to access this
  • What will be discussed in the initial meeting between
    Claire, yourself and your client
  • How payment is made to you by your client
    (criteria that goes with that)
  • Case studies
  • Legal Agreements between JTandA and the Training Provider


Date: 21st September 2016

Venue: to be advised depending on numbers.

Time: 9am – 11am

Province: KZN

Speaker: Claire Stewart

Cost: R150.00


Download the booking form here.


The Accreditation Minefield

If you were to have to navigate yourself across a minefield, would you opt to chance it alone or would you choose to follow a big set of size thirteen boots across the forsaken land?  It sounds like a given but in fact, trainers often opt to chance the minefield – in our case, the accreditation minefield.

The majority of trainers thank me for all the information I’ve provided during their free introductory consultation and then choose to go their own way.  I respectfully wish them well, however, I’m all too aware that the likelihood of them returning defeated in a year or two of the solo navigation is great.   The treacherous system trips most up along the way.

The accreditation process has numerous aspects which if not precisely followed upsets the entire process.  My experience in assisting trainers obtain accreditation over the past six years has allowed me to pinpoint a number of telling reasons providers don’t obtain accreditation.

Firstly and most importantly, training material is incorrectly aligned.  The alignment of training material to the correct SAQA unit standard or qualification isn’t a simple copy and paste exercise that many trainers assume it is.  SAQA training material is mostly designed by competent Assessing and Moderating professionals who have also excelled in designing and developing training materials.  Furthermore, they are competent overseeing any of the changes that the SETA verifiers may require (due to each SETA having their own specific criteria – in the case of our experience at least).  SETA requires that they approve the full pack of the trainer’s training programme in order for the Training Provider to receive Programme approval for this training pack.  Should anything in the pack be omitted or fail to satisfy the SETAs expectation, the Training Provider trainer will not receive the necessary SETA approval.

A second aspect is the implementation and management of a comprehensive Quality Management System (QMS).  In order to be awarded and thereafter maintain SETA accreditation, a provider is required to prove that they are capable of successfully managing a quality focused company providing a high level of training.  The achievement of this exceptional level requires purposeful implementation daily of documented plans of policies and procedures (known as a QMS).  It’s required that the QMS be constantly updated and adapted according to each company’s uniqueness.  Lip service and a flashy document won’t make the grade with SETA either; they will require proof of implementation.

Thirdly, and I’ve made mention many times of the importance of Assessors and Moderators and their role in the accreditation process.   I’ve been disappointed on many occasions when seeking competent Assessors and Moderators for clients due to the lack of knowledge and poor delivery of those available in the market place.  Despite our stipulation of the requirement of a SAQA ID constituency, candidate hopefuls mostly forward their ETDP statement of results to us.   It’s concerning and apparent that many providers offering training to Assessors and Moderators aren’t making it clear that once the Competence Certificate and SOR is attained that registration with the relevant SETA is required in order to thereafter assess or moderate against a SAQA Qualification ID.  The completion of an Assessor and Moderators course does not permit the assessment or moderation of any SAQA qualification, a further step is required.   Furthermore, SETA registrations expire after a specified period.  Assessors and Moderators are thus required to keep their status up to date.

That’s enough for today – as you can see it really is a minefield!  We are the size thirteen boots in this accreditation minefield; let us get and keep you SETA accredited!

Tooth and Nail

In the past three months we’ve used statements such as ‘our goal is to see you succeed’, ‘through thick and thin – JTandA will get you SETA accredited’ and ‘we’re here to keep you ahead of the pack!’ They’re prescribed marketing jargon aren’t they? I think a reader’s eyes often simply glaze over these empty promises. Although we constantly strive for 100% success rate; sometimes this isn’t possible due to the ever changing SETA requirements however, I know for certain that we continually endeavor to be and do that which we say we do.
This week, I received the following correspondence from a respected client, Bukani Mngoma. This gentleman has worked tooth and nail and with sheer determination is beginning to forge a name for himself. Here is the beginning of what promises to be a great success story.

“Mabhala Consulting has come a long way with attempting to be accredited. In fact we had two attempts at it. The first time I attempted to do it myself and the second time I enlisted the help of an organisation I had heard about. Both attempts successfully failed. But, the bug to provide accredited training continued to bite even after these failures.
Sometime in 2013 a business colleague gave me a list of respected organisations in KZN who could help me with the accreditation process.
It was then that I contacted Jeanine Topping and the process started once again. Still reeling from the previous failures, I struggled to understand and meet the need for all the requirements in the time frame given but Jeanine persisted with me and helped me to get everything correctly in place. The rest is history.
I don’t like to be boastful but would like to share a success that I have had since been properly accredited. An opportunity to provide accredited training to Corporative Governance and Traditional Affairs (KZN-COGTA) came along and I took my chance and submitted my proposal. It fitted the bill and I was appointed on the condition that we would run training for 75 people for four consecutive weeks in May this year. I was anxious given that it was the first time that I had to conduct an official accredited training programme. But, with the abled help of Jeanine Topping & Associates we were able to deliver the training and passed the expectation and required specifications with flying colours.
I now have a foot-in-the-door in KZN government and am also in the process of presenting the same programme to the provincial academy. This will be at a scale and scope not yet done before in this province.”
Assisting a new client to get their accreditation and see the business get off the ground is one thing. Seeing a client soar to exciting heights such as that of Bukani Mngoma’s and beyond is incredibly motivating for my staff and I!
So, if you don’t mind me saying so… Our goal IS to see you succeed! Through thick and thin – JTandA WILL get you SETA accredited and we ARE here to keep you ahead of the pack!’