Through Thick and Thin – JTandA Will Get You SETA accredited!

It’s often said that it’s not what you know but who you know.   We like to add our own spin to this; it’s not what you know but what you know about who you know!   Knowing and understanding exactly how the SETAs operate, what they require and how to broker their requirements to our clients is our key focus.

In essence, making the SETAs ‘life’ as ‘easy’ as possible in turn sets our client up with their best foot forward in what can be a frustrating, time consuming and energy sapping experience.  We do this by capacity building our training providers to understand the importance of implementing their policies and procedures as well as by explaining the training cycle.  We see ourselves as the intrinsic factor to alleviate the frustration often felt by SETA staff due to the lack of knowledge of training providers and their lack of wanting to implement quality into their businesses.

Whether its the use of the incorrect jargon or a lack of understanding of the processes –  these obstacles create communication red tape and place barriers in achieving the set out goal of accreditation.  We understand this well and therefore champion the correct communication channels knowing that this paves the way for more efficient communication between the SETA staff and our client with the least possible frustration on both sides of the desk in order to achieve each of the two needs.

We take great pride in ensuring that when clients files are submitted to the SETAs that they are correctly submitted; complying with the SETAs checklists and guidelines thus, speeding up the process for the ETQA department who operate more effectively when the stops and checks they require are adhered to.   The long and the short is that we aim to make the SETA and your life easier – prior preparation prevents poor performance.


The Heartbeat of JTandA

“Starbucks is not an advertiser; people think we are a great marketing company, but in fact we spend very little money on marketing and more money on training our people than advertising.”
– Howard Schultz

JTandA’s hearts beat to empower individuals and companies providing training!  Their objective, is to assist their clients improve their service standards in order to obtain SETA accreditation with any of the 21 SETA’s – from early in the morning to the close of day, THIS is their sole purpose.  This process generally speaking requires drive, understanding (heaped with a bucket full of patience) and grit determination – from a committed team.  To ensure their clients receive an efficient experience, they stop at nothing to ensure their ship is well manned and pressing forward.

As founder of the company and with over 21 years of Education and Training development experience in all fields, Janine Topping as captain commands her ship with enormous determination and drive.  Clients can be assured that their business and most importantly their training provider accreditation has a deliberate daily focus and follow through.   Jeanine, a registered Assessor and Moderator with 5 SETAs understands her business in its entirety and with also having held the position as Verifier of Training Providers for the Services SETA leads the company from the front.   More importantly, Jeanine has a purpose filled heart that prosper on helping family, friends, staff and clients grow to be the best that they can be.  Backing Jeanine up in Johannesburg, is SETA specialist, Carol Currie, a fiercely independent, reliable, honest, hardworking and reliable professional.  Carol guards what she deems to be her responsibility religiously without waiver to achieve objectives placed in her care.

There is no better way to keep the ship steady than to ensure clients receive a warm welcome!  Tracey on reception is known for her cheerful demeanour but more than this, she ensures a streamlined process through her attention to detail in recording important information in order to clarify whether clients are fit to become accredited.  Most importantly, Tracey guides and secures clients consultations with JTandA’s SETA File specialists allowing the process to continue without delay.

The submission of SETA Files requires focus, attention to detail and experience, Nompilo and Lindsay in Durban and Sindi in Johannesburg work fervently assisting training providers to compile their SETA Files for this submission and are dutiful with their constant follow up and communication with the SETAs safeguarding the required accreditation.  JTandA believe in not only promoting the benefits of training but also displaying that belief; Khethiwe, qualifying towards her business administration degree has joined in assisting the team with all administrative matters thereby not only learning the theory but also experiencing the rubber as it hits the road!  So, in a nutshell…

Through thick and thin – JTandA will get you SETA accredited!

ETD Practioners Capacity Building Workshop

Are you over educated but under qualified to understand the moderation process?

WHO IS THIS FOR – HR/Training Managers, Facilitators, Assessors and Moderators
DATE – 26TH April 2016
VENUE – To be advised (depending on numbers – Durban)
COST – R1999 incl. VAT


  • Delegates will be served with tea/coffee on arrival, mid-morning snack  and lunch at the end of the Workshop
  • Practical exercises will be done to see where the different aspects of moderation fit in


De Waal Viljoen is a well-known facilitator assessor and moderator. With more than 10 years of experience and having moderated in excess of 2800 learner files, he has worked with a number of clients in this field.  He has a lot to offer as a moderator and also as a verifier for the Safety and Security Seta, for a number of years.

Templates of moderator reports covering moderation from design to review will be given to clients that consult with De Waal after the workshop.

Banking Details:

Jeanine Topping and Associates
Standard Bank
Musgrave Branch (042626)
A/C 252752260


JTandA ActionCLUB

A fantastic incentive to help you grow
your business – a coaching initiative
hosted by JTandA ActionClub

We are delighted to confirm details on the special deal we currently have available on our JT&A ActionCLUB group business education and accountability program.

In collaboration with ActionCOACH Business Coaching, we are launching a new club based on a proven formula. To ensure that all seats are full, we are offering a really great incentive you should consider:

Sign up for the 11-month ActionCLUB ‘mini’ MBA program and ActionCOACH will conduct a half day Alignment Consultation (value R9,800.00) for you absolutely free!

The Alignment includes a kick-off one-to-one coaching session, followed by an intensive half-day planning/review session a week or two later. The outcome is a very clear perspective on your business goals, and an easy-to-implement action plan on the quick-win marketing strategies most liekly to boost your cash flow fast!

How is JTandA ActionClub priced?

R33 000 (inc. VAT) for the full 11-month program.

If you would like us to cash flow the investment, you have the option of paying by debit order instalments of R3300/pm (paying by lump sum gets you the eleventh month free).

This deal means R42400 of value, at a cost of only R33000!

Here is some feedback from existing JTandA ActionClub clients:

“I have tripled my turnover in 12 months.”
Dagmar Breiling – Funding Connection

“ActionCLUB has been an amazing experience so far. Each session gives valuable insights you can take out and apply in your business immediately; and the confidence it has given me to run my business is unquantifiable. Thank you!”
Paul Gosman – Flow68

“Over the past year coaching with Trevor and the ActionCOACH team, our revenues have increased by 56% and profits by 239%. I am sold on business coaching and do not see a time in my future where I am not working with my coach.”
Derek Crompton – BizSoft

These videos will also give you a client perspective and overview of what the program covers:
Limited time on this AMAZING offer!

This offer is valid until 26TH APRIL. If you are good to go, let us know and we will get you on board fast. If still not 100% sure, let’s set up a coffee soon to make this an amazing year for you and your business.

To learn more – take advantage of one of the two options below to see what you are in for:

• Attend a FREE business improvement workshop on the 15th of April. Click here for more info.

• Get a FREE coaching session with ActionCOACH Business Coaching.

• To book either, call 031 266 2258 or e-mail ActionCOACH directly on and use JT&A as your reference.

This program has been a key ingredient in our success and we strongly recommend you take up this offer TODAY!