Purchasing Shelf training material

Purchasing Shelf training material: Be careful – I have come across a lot of substandard shelf material. Training material packs should be 100% aligned to SAQA requirements. Don’t buy anything without viewing a sample of each document that the SETA require you to present. Contact us today and let us help you. Call us on […]

Quality Management

Quality Management System: “Your promise to the SETA on how you are going to fulfil your obligations during your accreditation period”. The backbone of any Training Provider is their Quality Management System.  This should not just be a document that you quickly scan, print and submit to the SETA and never look at it again.  […]

Learner Uploads

9/10 training providers that do uploads do them incorrectly. Before you start training, you need to advise the SETA on the learners you have registered for a learning programme.  Either this is electronic or manual (excel spreadsheet).  The upload process involves you putting all your learner information on. Listen to Jeanine Topping talking about Learner […]

Sanda Skills – An Accreditation Success

Sanda Skills Development is one of our major success stories. Sanda Skills found it difficult to find business since its formation in 2011, as they were a small company conducting non-accredited courses, which in turn had made business slow in terms of their turnover and monthly income. In March 2015 they received their accreditation for […]

Best and Worst Facilitation Practices

Jeanine came across this video last week on Skills Universe and there is some nice practical advice for Training Providers who are looking at upskilling their facilitation skills.   Reference: http://www.skills-universe.com/video/video/show?id=2671568%3AVideo%3A338345&xgs=1&xg_source=msg_share_video