Want to learn more about your Quality Management System?

Over the next few working days we are taking to social media to go through our Quality Management System in a summary format to assist our clients with understanding each of the 19 policies a whole lot better.

The QMS is a step by step handbook with all the policies, procedures, forms and review manuals specifically designed to ensure that your business operates correctly according to the guidelines set out by the Sector Education and Training Authority. (SETA)

THE STARTING POINT OF YOUR QUALITY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM – Who the business is, what the business stands for and by what standards the business applies itself.

Section 1 serves as an introduction of the business by outlining the structure of the business and who the responsible people are within the business.

It determines and defines the conviction of the business by evaluating the core of the business through the vision statement, the mission statement and the values.

It also sets out the basic rules as well as how to implement them in order to have a business that is compliant as well as accountable to the learners and the SETA.

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SA HOST Customer Excellence Training Feedback

Jeanine Topping is a licensed SA Host Facilitator and has recently been a busy bee conducting training all over South Africa.
SA Host is a national programme to develop service excellence skills and promote a culture of customer service in South Africa.

It does this by:

Creating an awareness of the importance of the individual’s role in delivering superior customer service in their place of work and their community.
The experience gained from similar programmes run in fourteen countries worldwide, has been used to develop the SA Host programme.

Here is what some of our SA Host trainees have to say about the 2 day course:

  1. I found this course very interesting as I can now identify the important aspects of customer service. I also learned how to improve my professionalism and pride in providing excellent customer service. – Nonkululeko Mgwili
  2. I learned a lot from the section on how to deal with angry customers, handle them and their complaints. – Pearl Muvuna
  3. I was helped a great deal on understanding why customers may be angry, how to deal with it effectively. The section on listening skills was brilliant. – Ramona Mahadoo


To book your staff on the SA host programme please call Jeanine our SA Host Facilitator on 031-3095811 or jeaninet@jtanda.co.za

JTandA Marketing Munch Feedback

In August JTandA in associated with ActionCOACH held a Marketing Munch workshop for our existing clients.

This seminar is for business owners that want to improve their organisation, enhance their cash flow and mature their businesses.

What you can expect to learn…

  • How to build a business that works without you.
  • How to differentiate your business so you don’t have to compete on price.
  • What numbers you need to know to best run your business.
  • How to make your cash flow consistent and predictable.
  • How to hire the right people. How to improve communication within your team.
  • How to manage your time better to achieve better results.
  • The 5 Ways Formula to grow your profits by 61% in 12 months.

Here is what some of the attendees had to say:

  1. The Marketing Munch covered areas of the business that I did not consider previously. I feel that the 6 levels of analysing the business from Mastery level to Results helps to identify the gaps and to develop a plan to close the gaps. – Ashica Nadrajan (Down The Line Skills Development)
  2. The important marketing tips for me were:
    Keeping my clients database and inviting them for coffee to touch base and inform them about the extension of my service.
    The marketing tools learned will up the standard of professionalism for my business and also assist me in keeping my former clients and making them feel important and feel that they are important part of the business. – Smah White (FliHi Training)
  3. I learned that one should always aspire to becoming an entrepreneur instead of being a contented “Self-employed” Marketing and Branding are crucial for company growth and development, Marketing is an indication that a company is responsive to ever changing customer needs. – Melusi Zwane (Melusi Training & Development)

To book your seat for our October Marketing Munch please call our Marketing Manager Fiona Marais on 031 309 5811 or email consult@jtanda.co.za

Free Unit Standard!

Do you want free SAQA Aligned and Internally Moderated course material? JTandA give their current clients an offer like no other!

Here at JTandA we value the family dynamic, especially when it comes to our service. We hold the interests of our customers close to our hearts and we treat the Accreditation process as we would our own, doing everything we can to make sure you receive your SETA Accreditation.

Like any business we are looking to grow, so the first place we chose to turn is our family and friends, YOU. We need your help over the next 3 months to grow our family. What we are asking you to do is to introduce us to someone you know who would like us to assist them with the SETA Application.

In return we would like to give you something worthwhile, so if you introduce 1 person (as from the 1st September 2014) who signs up to our services we will give you one FREE UNIT STANDARD! That’s right, an invoice of R0.00 for the Unit Standard. If 4 of your friends sign up, we’ll give you 4 free Unit Standards. This offer is always valid, so share the love soon and take advantage.

We calculated that if every company who makes use of our services refers us to 4 people, and assuming a conservative percentage of those referrals sign up, we should reach our targeted growth for the year.

All you have to do is send the name, business name and contact details to us, then we will contact them. (Of course if you’d like to let them know to expect our call we’d greatly appreciate that!)

We wouldn’t be where we are today without you, and we are looking forward to a great future together.

Thanks in advance for your help.

Kind Regards,
The JTandA Team

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