10 Ways to be an awesome Training Provider – Part 1

When you decided to open your training company, you had a passion for training and a vision for a better, brighter future – not only for the learners whom you will empower and develop through your learning programmes; but for yourself and your employees too. This is the same passion and vision that we have at JTandA. The reason for our existence is to help you, as Training Provider, to be the best that you can be and reap all the possible fruits that comes from developing people.

Following on from our series “10 Reasons Why Training Providers Don’t Succeed”, we saw the opportunity to share some guidelines on how to be a more effective and passionate Training Provider than you already are.

  1. Get Accredited
    The benefits of accreditation far outweigh the seemingly gruelling requirements and, with us by your side to “hold your hand” and guide you through the process, getting accredited is a very rewarding endeavour. Not accredited yet? Contact us today to find out how we can assist you on your accreditation journey.
  2. Register with DHET
    All Training Providers offering credit bearing courses are legally required to register with the DHET (Department of Higher Education and Training) before the 30th of November 2018 deadline. As an accredited Training Provider, you will need to complete the form and submit the application to DHET with a small registration fee payable directly to them.
    Need help and clarity? Don’t worry, for a nominal fee we will assist you to complete and compile this application to help ensure that you remain compliant.
  3. Attend our Capacity Building Workshops
    This year saw the launch of our Capacity Building Workshops and the positive feedback of the difference that this has made for our clients has been nothing short of absolutely phenomenal. These workshops help Training Providers to, not only prepare for the accreditation journey, but also help with preparation for the SETA/QCTO site visit and offer sound advice and guidelines on how to maintain your accreditation once awarded. If you have not already attended, why not come to our next one? You have only to gain and nothing to lose.
  4. Buy good quality Training Material
    We can’t stress the importance of buying good quality SAQA aligned training material enough. More so, if buying shelf material, ensure that you buy it from a reputable source and that the material developer is committed to make the changes that are required by SETA\QCTO during the accreditation process. Once you receive your material, make it your own, brand it and take the time to become familiar with it.
  5. Implement your Quality Management System (QMS) procedures into your entire business model.
    During your accreditation journey with us, we provide you with a comprehensive Quality Management System (QMS) which includes all the policies, procedures and training document templates that are required in the day to day running of your training company. We help you further by capacity building you and unpacking this document in a clear and concise manner in our QMS workshop, that will leave you with all your questions answered and a fountain of knowledge. You signed this important document and committed to the SETA\QCTO that you would use this document to implement the policies and procedures within it. Now it’s time to uphold that promise, run your business according to those requirements, maintain your accreditation and ultimately reap the full benefit of being an awesome Training Provider.

Now that you have hopefully picked up a helpful hint or two (or five),

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