10 Reasons Training Providers Don’t Succeed – Part 2

Two week’s back we wrote an article where we highlighted 5 of the 10 reasons we believe that Training Providers don’t succeed.

In the continuation of that article, allow us to unpack the remaining areas we feel that Training Providers need assistance with.

6. Accredited Training
Sounds strange, after all the effort of becoming accredited, we often find that even the most experienced Training Providers struggle to make the adjustment from providing non-accredited training to implementing accredited training. They find the administration overwhelming and often struggle to roll out all 4 Phases of Training (Enrolment, Facilitation, Assessment and Certification); often escaping from and evading their clients.

7. Financial Planning
As with any other business, failing to plan in this arena of your business can lead to all sorts of trouble.

8. “Chasing the money”
Training Providers often get caught up in “chasing the money” and don’t take responsibility for running a highly ethical business. They lose sight of their ultimate vision, which should be to skill and uplift the learners of our country.

9. Accreditation Consultants
Over the past few years, we have seen an increase in cheap, fly-by-night “consultants” who offer Providers the world but give them a copy and paste file to run their business with. Enough said!

10. Marketing
A business can’t survive or grow without marketing. Marketing is essential at every stage of your business and in most cases Training Providers lack the marketing knowledge or the skills to convince prospective learners to choose them over their competitor.

These are just some of the reasons why over 450 Training Providers have chosen us as their SETA specialists and business partner (through our monthly retainer and additional service offerings).

After all, “we build relationships and enjoy the journey together”.

Recognise some of these areas in your business? Need assistance?

Feel like we have omitted another important aspect? We welcome your opinion.

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