Do you want to ensure you stay SETA accredited?

At JTandA we often see clients lose their SETA accreditation after a year’s period.

The reason for this is that once a Training Provider is SETA accredited they need to implement their Quality Management System (QMS) Policies and Procedures. This includes having monthly and quarterly meetings, staying in touch with SETAs and completing various processes.

Our JTandA administrators are well equipped with the necessary knowledge and skills to capacity-build our Training Providers. We urge all our clients to become Monthly Retainer Clients in order for us to help ensure that their SETA accreditation is secured and maintained. Monthly Progress reports are sent to Training Providers and the Administrators will review your QMS with you every Quarter and remind you about certain important criteria.

We understand cash flow is always a challenge for Training Providers so we have various Pay As You Go additional services options or you can choose one of our monthly retainer packages from as little as R2999.00 a month in order to guarantee you continual SETA accreditation by keeping your company up-to-date with the process. Your accreditation becomes a sustainable business process for your company.


7 Powerful Empowering Workshops

Empowering Workshops to help you grow and understand everything there is to know about SETA accreditation and how to stay SETA accredited – come join us for an interactive morning workshop whilst savouring our awesome coffee and muffins.

It’s a great networking opportunity to meet other Training Providers who don’t offer what you do.

We encourage all our Training Providers to attend these workshops to ensure that they maximise the benefits of SETA accreditation and to learn how to stay SETA accredited.